Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Parisian Cream Wafers

My friend Ellen made these:
I hope you have been enjoying my daily posts.  Here is another cookie recipe to share with you.  As I mentioned earlier, I had a cookie exchange party this December which was tons of fun.  One of the guests at the party was my friend Ellen, who I have mentioned a few times on this blog before.  Ellen contributed two cookies to the party, these Parisian Cream Wafers and her signature Orange and Cardamom Sugar cookies.  unfortunately I did not get a change to eat either of the cookies this year since I flew out that night for travel, but I did get a chance to try these Parisian Cream Wafers last year.  They are quite the delicate cookie in flavor and texture.  Just sweet enough and very light.  Instead of posting the recipe here, I have linked to her blog where she posted the recipe.  Click on the link below for the recipe:

Ellen's Parisian Cream Wafers

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