Thursday, February 24, 2011

German Chocolate Cake

Cake for friends

First I have to tell you I made this a while ago. A long while ago. In fact I made it before Thanksgiving. I really did not mean to hold out on you, I have just baked so much lately that I have a lot I need to share with you.

You know I love my friends because I made one of them this incredibly indulgent German Chocolate Cake. This was my first time making a German Chocolate Cake and will most likely be my last. It is not that the cake was too hard to make, but there were sooooo many steps. First I had to toast my coconut and my pecans (separately of course). Then I had to make the cake batter which involved separately whipping egg whites. While they were baking I had to make the filling. Then I made the chocolate ganache frosting, and lastly had to assemble it. Oh, I almost forgot that I also made a simple syrup to brush over the cake. It seriously took half the day to make this cake. Of course my friends are worth it, but next time I will likely try to talk them into an easier cake or a cupcake version. They all told me it was delicious. Zack and I delivered the cake on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and then left town so we did not get to taste it. It smelled and looked delicious.

I used a David Lebovitz recipe for the cake. Because the recipe is so long, I am not going to post it here; you can find it on David Lebovitz's blog here: German Chocolate Cake. Pretty much anything he makes is amazing so you can trust this cake is.

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