Saturday, May 2, 2009

Open City Tiramisu

Another Review for you.

I happen to live right down the street from Open City, a great restaurant right in the heart of Washington, DC. The other week Zack and I stopped in and shared this wonderful dessert. They entire menu is great, Zack loves the pizza and I am a huge fan of the multi-grain pancakes. You can see they offer a wide range of menu items. But this review, is about the dessert, the OC Tiramisu to be specific.

This tiramisu is everything it is made out to be. Described as "made with a layer each of flourless chocolate cake and chocolate cake soaked with espresso, two layers of mascarpone mousse, and topped with rich cocoa". The mascarpone is light and delicate and a perfect balance to the rich chocolate. This dessert was meant to feed more than one person, so bring a date (or a couple of friends) and dig in!

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