Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cookies by Design - A review

My first review:

This past weekend I went to Taste of Bethesda which is a street festival in Bethesda, Maryland. All the local restaurants and food shops set up tents selling samples of there specialties. This is always a fun event which I always enjoy. We tried several new places at the festival this year and only had one disappointment, the cookies pictures above.

We bought the cookies above from "Cookies by Design" for $1.25 , which is a great price. The shop is known for their decorated sugar cookies, but since my boyfriend and I are not huge sugar cookie people we decided we would get the bag of chocolate chip. We brought them home to eat later since we were stuffed from all the other food we tried. To give an honest review I must say these cookies were very disappointing. They did not even taste like they were baked fresh. They were extremely hard and lacked flavor. I attempted to salvage them by dunking them in milk and even after that they were still hard! If you are looking for a hard cookie that does not taste home baked I would get a Chips Ahoy before I would go back to "Cookies by Design".

So I am sorry my first review was so disappointing, but such is the case. I will be posting another review of some bread I picked up at the festival which gets a much better review!

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